Because, aviously…

I haven’t really said much about the whole Donald Sterling affair, but I may as well say my piece.

Yes, he is an old racist white man, and what he said is not okay.

However, the penalty handed out to him by the NBA is in no way fit for the crime.

Consider this:

  • Pleading guilty to gun charges for having weapons in the team’s locker room
    • 88 Games Total (Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton)
  • Entering the stands and punching a fan in the face
    • 86 Games (Ron Artest)
  • Threatens to kill a man, before choking him and dragging him to the ground
    • 68 Games (Latrell Sprwell)
  • Kicking a cameraman purposely in the groin
    • 11 Games (Dennis Rodman)

So considering all of those actions, and their subsequent suspensions…

How is it that what a man says in the privacy of his own house, now read that as SAYS, not DOES, gets him a lifetime ban from the league, and the league forcing him to sell his team?!

How is this fair in a country that preaches Freedom of Speech?

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