Because, aviously…

A few months ago video came out of football player Ray Rice dragging his unconscious (then) fiance. Janay, from a casino elevator, after apparently beating her.

Because of this video, the NFL suspended Rice for a few games…that is until now when the video from inside the elevator came out, showing Rice actually hitting his now wife, and the league backtracked, suspending him indefinitely and being released from his team.

But wait, if you read that and got confused, don’t be. He beat his fiance. It became a public circus. And then they got married.

And now that the actual video has come out, everyone is going crazy…except Janay, although she may be crazy in other ways…I give you Exhibit A, a┬ástatement via her Instagram account that was published this morning:

Ray Rice InstagramShe wants everyone to leave it alone.

Let him keep his job after beating her up…if she was able to forgive him and marry him, then shouldn’t you “Ravensnation”?

<Please catch my sarcasm there>

Can I say that chances are he’ll never be part of Ravensnation again? Even if he returns to the league, chances are he’ll end up on a Jail team; such as the Cowboys, Jets or Bengals.

The people that should be under fire here is the Commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell, as well as the DA in New Jersey, and anyone else that saw the video and didn’t put it out before now…or should’ve seen the video by now and claimed never to have seen it. How can the Commissioner not go to the casino and insist on seeing this video before now, I’ll never understand.


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