Because, aviously…

I’ve talked in the past about giving to different organizations, and I always try to pick ones with good causes to donate to.

A few weeks ago I noticed one of our guests on Fox Business wearing an Autism Speaks puzzle pin. So I went and donated to Autism Speaks, and got myself a pin, and have decided to wear that every week on Mondays, to help raise awareness for the cause.

Autism Speaks Pin

Of course, the cause has a lot of exposure already in the NASCAR world, with the race at Dover International Speedway being co-sponsored in recent years by Autism Speaks, with 2014 being combined with FedEx.
This has been happening since the first time a race was sponsored by a non-profit, the 2007 Autism Speaks 400, which was sponsored by Visa.

So in summary: #OnMondaysWeWearBlue and #AutismSpeaks are the new way to go 🙂


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