Because, aviously…

Let’s be clear: I am a Cowboys fan, so you will automatically hold that against me this entire post.

But Sunday’s game doesn’t come down to a “questionable call, called back” or to a “ref not calling the right thing”.

It comes down to Dallas just outplaying Detroit when it came down to crunch time.

And I can point at three crucial plays that affected Detroit, which can all be pointed as “missed opportunities”, one from each aspect of the team.

  • Offense: Choosing on 4th & 1 to try and get Dallas to jump offsides, instead of possibly going for it and trying for a fresh set of downs.
  • Special Teams: On the following play they kicked a 10-yard punt. Not a punt returned for a net of 10-yards….but the ball literally traveled sideways a total of 10- yards, setting up Dallas in great position.
  • Defense: And finally, on the ensuing drive, Dallas had a 4th & 6 from outside of Field Goal range, and Detroit let up a 21-yard pass up the middle to Jason Witten.

All three of those plays should be looked at before blaming the referees for “one call”, that had less of an impact then those other three. Sure, with the penalty standing none of the other plays would’ve happened. But as all sports fans know, if you put all faith in the refs calling everything, you won’t win.


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