Because, aviously…

For those that aren’t aware, I am a big Motorola user.


I use their products because quite simply: They work.

Each function of their devices may not be better then a competitors, but as an overall product Motorola always comes out on top.

My Moto Family keeps growing as I try each technological advancement that Motorola puts out there.

Here is a brief rundown of my recent Motorola devices…so it doesn’t count the original Moto Razr, the Moto Razr HD, Bluetooth, etc.:

  • Moto X (1st Gen) – I got this through Moto Maker, but kept it simple with a black front and a black textured back, with orange trimmings…what a mistake. If you are going to design your own phone, don’t go simple like I did on this one!
  • Moto X (2nd Gen) – I didn’t make the same mistake twice! The black front is obvious (as it gives the “larger screen” effect), and a bamboo back (absolutely gorgeous) with olive green trim. One of the best phones I’ve owned!
  • Moto Skip – A simple NFC unlock device that can be clipped to belts/collars/etc. It also comes with “stickers” to put on car dashboards/desks/etc. for convenient unlocking in common places.
  • Moto 360 – The watch that I’ve talked about many times before on this blog.
  • Moto Hint – Tiny Bluetooth earpiece, with a small case that acts as a portable charger as well. There may be a fuller review on this some point soon…
  • Power Pack Micro – Small pocket charger. Adds a powerful 80% charge to most phones, and is smaller then a pack of tic-tacs, so it’s easy to carry around.
  • Power Pack 4000 – Another portable charger. This one holds 2-2 1/2 charges in it, and is smaller/lighter then most phones.

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