Because, aviously…

May 5, 2014.
11 months ago.
The day I quit Facebook, for what would turn out to be a 110 day vacation from it.

During that time period I started up this blog, for a way to continue to voice my thoughts. Posting daily since then has been a fun task and has now reached 250 posts.
My average viewership for a weekday is between 5 and 15 readers, and who those people are…I have no idea, and likely never will.

The comments on the blog are next to nil, and that exists on all sharing of it as well (with no comments on it on Twitter or Facebook).

Comments (and Likes) are down in general. Facebook has now started showing me “Three years ago you posted…” on my Newsfeed, and the amount of Likes and Comments on any random posts were significantly higher.
I attribute this to Facebook allowing people to “Mute” posts off their Newsfeed and click “See Less of This”, but never reminds people: “Here are posts you’ve requested to see less of. Would you like to restore any?”.

Twitter has a similar problem with their “Mute” feature…let’s just be honest: Don’t follow someone to make them feel good and then mute them. Just follow them if you want to see their stuff, and unfollow them if you don’t.

Because of the lack of range that my posts seemingly now have, on both WordPress and Facebook, I am considering stopping to post on Facebook, and may tone down the number of posts on here.

Another feature that may disappear completely are Songs of the Day (SOTD). I have been doing SOTDs for almost 2 years (April 15, 2013 — Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People), and have taken breaks in the past, which is why when it does end this Thursday, the number will be 342 songs.
I don’t use a “service” to select the songs, I pick them all myself, and put time into it every week thinking up songs to use, which all follow the same three rules:
1) Hasn’t been used before.
2) Artists hasn’t been used recently.
3) And that I actually like the song.

Change is always inevitable, and as social media changes, and really starts to fail on most levels from what it once was, I am not going to change with it, but instead will walk away from it in my own ways.

2 thoughts on “#250 – The Future In Question

  1. FrumGeek says:

    But if you post less, Uncle Sam will have less information on you.

    1. @iAmAviG says:

      They only have information I want them to have.
      If I don’t want them to know it wouldn’t be online.
      I don’t fear government.

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