Because, aviously…

Hockey playoffs are in the air just days away, but Spring is certainly here as baseball opened up play last night in Chicago.

In New York both our local teams launch their seasons, with the Yankees at The Stadium versus the Blue Jays (1:05PM) and the Mets heading down to Washington (4:05PM).

The Yankees have potential for a great season, IF their pitching staff stays healthy. And that’s a big if. Their Ace, Masahiro Tanaka, has a slight tear in an arm ligament, and the Drs. have told him he could play with it, but he’s already admitted that his 4-seam fastball will be down in velocity this season. Every time he is on the mound it’ll be potential for him to aggravate that tear.

The Mets have similar potential, except they’ve already lost one pitcher for the season (Zack Wheeler) and another pitcher (Matt Harvey), who is supposed to be their Ace, is coming off surgery and controversially <to the fans> isn’t starting Opening Day.

Regardless, this is Opening Day, and their may be a little FanDuel involved this year…I had just started as the playoffs rolled in last year.

Baseball. Is. Back.

MLB Opening Bell 2015

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