Because, aviously…

This Saturday is possibly one of the greatest sports days that we have seen in a really long time, especially in the New York area.

12:00PM – ESPN – NFL Draft Day 3 – Where the unknowns are picked up and turn into Super Bowl MVPs

12:30PM – NBC – New York Rangers vs. Washington Capitals – Game 2 of the 2nd Round starts the day off.

1:35PM – YES – New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox – Old time rivalry in an early season match-up for first place in the division

6:24PM – NBC – Kentucky Derby – First race of the Triple Crown

7:00PM – PIX – New York Mets vs. Washington Nationals – Will the Mets implosion continue after a strong start?

7:30PM – MSG – New York Red Bulls vs. New England Revolution

8:00PM – TNT – Los Angeles Clippers vs. San Antonio Spurs – Game 7 of the first round between two of the stronger teams in the West

11:00PM (Approx.) – HBO – Mayweather vs. Pacquiao – The fight of the decade (and possibly the best since Ali-Frazier) should go the full 12-rounds

For more info on all the events, including expected viewership and the soaring ticket prices of these events check out this cool post from Rukkus.

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