Because, aviously…

Yesterday I went to Union Square for an in-person meeting with FanDuel to discuss their product and improvements/changes that could be made.

Union Square Statue Bird Exhibit Union Square

At FanDuel their offices were very cool, with stadium seating in the waiting area and the walls full of signatures and signed jerseys.

Fan Duel Seats Fan Duel Jerseys

We discussed things such as how I used their product on multiple platforms, time spent putting together lineups, and which game types I frequented.

Stats and which ones factored more, as well as how I would use them to build lineups was talked about, as were the avatars we currently use, and how we (the users) would like them expanded.

In return for my time they gave me a couple of FanDuel points and a swag bag, full of things like pens, stickers, bottle opener, and a neat t-shirt.

FanDuel Swag BagFanDuel Swag Bag Items

Overall it was a very cool experience, and I would recommend it for anyone who gets the invite from them. And don’t forget that if you’d like to sign up for FanDuel, use my handy link so that we both benefit 🙂


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