Because, aviously…

Part 1 to this study yesterday.

The next thing to look at are some of the responses I received from people, and all of these will obviously be unnamed, and vague so as not to “out anyone”.

I consider myself the greatest person to has ever lived =)…but I left a crap of a fraternity on that campus for the reason u stated and more

I went through the same thing that u are going through, maybe not the exact same way, or to the same extent, but i want u to know I’ve been there.

What you wrote in your note – definitely things which I think many others can possibly sympathize to……I used to feel the way you did in High School, I felt I was in a similar situation almost.

A lot of people felt connected to what I had said, and had either experienced it themselves or had wanted to say something about it for years, but had never gotten around to actually confronting the demons in the closet.

It is a very delicate subject, especially for those in the cliques that don’t want to change their ways.

But many people are left feeling alone, and floating out there with everyone making friends around them, and regardless their own character or outgoingness.

Tomorrow I’m gonna start to explore what can be done to change this, or maybe help the floaters out.


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