Because, aviously…

Parts 1 and 2 to this conversation earlier in the week.

Today I want to focus on who is to blame for the anti-social standards set by cliques and the likes.

The focus needs to be on teachers, educators, student leaders, and others who fall into similar roles.

Sure they can’t force people to be friends with each other. But things can be done to make things more open for those on the outside, struggling to get in.

So what can we do to help?

  • Open up our circles to those sitting alone
  • Some sort of greeter program, to make everyone feel welcome at social events and public meeting places

Look, I understand that what I am requesting of people is unorthodox, and goes against all that the popular kids are used to. But there are a lot of really great people out there, who just want to feel welcome at events and have a feeling like they belong.

I am currently working on an active way to make all this happen in a college setting, and any ideas people may have on it would be greatly appreciated as we continue to try and work for more friendships and less loneliness.

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