The Muppets Are Most Wanted – Review

I watched The Muppets new TV show on ABC this week with high expectations.

After all, they were taking a huge franchise, that already has a fan base and an enjoyability factor, and turning it into what should be an easy TV show. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, honestly, everything.

Everything was wrong with it.

The humor wasn’t there. The storyline was drab. And it all just felt so very wrong.

We all enjoy a good dirty innuendo in our shows, but they need to be witty and clever to work…instead it was just trying way to hard. Did we really need a joke about people going to Fozzie Bear’s dating profile, because they were looking for a bear?

Overall that first week was an Animal of a flop. A Piggy of a show. It is just a ton of Electric Mayhem. Statler And Waldorf would jump off that balcony if they had to watch this crap. And if it doesn’t pick up, it’ll be Gonzo.

See, how hard are Muppet jokes?!

I’ll give it another try on Episode 2…but so far it’s a poor poor 2.5 out of 10.

The Muppets

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