Because, aviously…

A little while ago I posted a complaint about a taxi on Facebook, and faced backlash for it “not being fair to the cabby”.
The issue at the time was a “middle finger sticker” on the back window, where I thought it was inappropriate, others thought that it may have been stuck there without the drivers knowledge so it’s not his fault (despite the layer of dust over the sticker).

Well this time, the driver is 100% at fault for his actions, and situations of inexcusable rage. There are a few instances with the same driver within the same block period.

It started on 48th Street approaching 5th Avenue in Manhattan, where the left turn lane had a truck parked in it, so the thru lane became the turn lane.
The first car after the turning cars, a jeep, turned into the parking lane to go around them…the taxi behind him (Mr. 4K43) did that too, and was upset that there was a car now in front of him.

To show his anger at the other driver, he hopped half up on the sidewalk and pulled alongside the jeep, rolling down his window cursing him out.
And to prove his point that he deserved to go first, he proceeded to ignore the red light and moved through the crosswalk to cut off the jeep (half on the sidewalk, into the crosswalk) while people were trying to cross the street.
Once the light changed, he crossed Fifth Avenue, and the Jeep waited until the people finished crossing and then we kept going up 48th.

A few blocks later, at 48th and Lexington, the cabbie decided his need to turn, and instead of using the turn lane (and turn light) where cars were lining up, he went past them, and stopped in the thru lane, without his blinker on, and blocked thru traffic that had the green light, waiting for the red turn light to turn green.
When asked “Excuse me, does your blinker work” he proceeded to give the middle finger and say “Nope, it’s broken”.

For starters the action of driving on the sidewalk is a classic case of road rage. The flipping of the middle finger is a classic New Yorker move, but unacceptable for a New York City medallion driver. And lastly, the broken turn signal (which we all known wasn’t broken, right?) is not an option for a taxi, as the car needs to be in full working order.

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