Because, aviously…

What’s that? You got to work at 7:30 this morning? That’s cute. I’ve been awake since before 3 and done work seen by more people by 7:30 then you will do in a day.

Oh, you feel bad for me that I have to wake up so early? Don’t feel bad. It’s my life and my issue.

And quite frankly I don’t see it as an issue.

While going to sleep at 8PM may not seem “normal” to you, how about you consider this..I don’t have to take off any time from work to make a Dr.s appointment. I can go to any store I want. I can go out for a run and not worry about it getting dark.
And the reason for those three things? Dr.s are always at work at noon. Stores tend to be open at 1:30. And I have yet to see sunset fall before 4PM!

Sure, dating is extremely tough with this schedule. But it’s doable if you try hard enough.
Whether you find overlapping free time (yup, I’ve done dates on someone’s lunch break), or keep first dates to Saturday night/Sunday mornings, it’s all realistic expectations if someone just wants to try.
And if you don’t want to try…than clearly you aren’t right for me.

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