Because, aviously…

In the last week I’ve finally started to play Madden 16, thanks to its recent addition to EA Access’ vault, and it’s been determined that they haven’t fixed any issues in the 5 1/2 months since it came out.

Here are four instances that I’ve documented in the last few days:

Exhibit A: Center Can’t Run

It’s the typical start to a football play. The ball starts on the ground in the hands of the center, and he snaps it thru his legs and the play is off and running. But why can’t the Center just stand up and run with it? Madden thinks it’s okay, so should the NFL.

Exhibit B: Defense Lends A Hand

The game is nearing its end, and you are down a few points, so you transition into your hurry-up offense. But what happens when your Quarterback goes AWOL after hurrying them to the line? Well, just ask one of the defenders to step in and lend a hand!
I snapped the ball, assuming there’d be an offsides penalty…but instead the Lions decided they didn’t want to win a playoffs game.
When I went to the stats after the play, the LB was listed on their Passing list, with 1-for-1 and 47 yards…sign him up!

Exhibit C & D: Freezes Are Fun

What’s that? You are almost done playing an hour long game, and you are winning? Yeah, this seems like a good time to stop working…because why wouldn’t you want to have to do it all over again?

4 thoughts on “Madden 16 Still Sucks – And The Videos Prove It

  1. Bloody hell. I’ve played M16 (offline cfm, online cfm, mut) since it came out on ps4 and never came across any of the issues you listed. Must be annoying to have these happen.

    1. @iAmAviG says:

      This is on Xbox One, and it’s ridiculous.

      1. Yeah I can only imagine.

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