Because, aviously…


Today was supposed to be all about Tom Clancy’s: The Division video game.

But then I started playing, and while the graphics are great, and NYC looks how it should, the gameplay is just an unknown commodity.

It’s unknown because unlike other games The Division needs an internet connection to be played, and you’ll see hundreds of other player/agents wandering around your world doing their own missions.

And since this seems like a brilliant idea, at times you need to wait to get into the servers just to play the game.
For example I finished the first few missions, and while waiting for the next to load, the server timed out…which meant I had to replay the main mission to continue on.
(It saved, and showed that I had already completed it…but there was no way for me to get to the next mission, as the game couldn’t advance.)

So for now the review remains incomplete. The game only gets a 3 out of 10, because if one can’t even play the simple story mode without server issues, there’s a problem with how you are building your game.

Well, after having server issues, and not being able to play because I couldn’t get on, I was finally able to access The Division storyline, and it’s actually really good.

While having to wait for a server is extremely annoying when all you want to do is the “Storyline”, the game itself is really good, combined with great graphics and a realistic New York City.

Having other real-life players walking past you is a little weird, but if a gun battle between The Division and street gangs breakout, it’s nice to have them at your side.

Similarly, when you are about to start a mission, you have a quick option to join other players to help with the mission. This makes the tougher missions easier, or the easier missions even faster.

So far it has been a great experience, and gets a 9 out of 10.

The Division Poster

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