Because, aviously…

Today’s “Desert Island” category will be Musical Artist. My solar powered MP3 player will definitely be able to play these artists on repeat.

What artists’ albums would you not mind getting stuck in the CD player of your old Jeep?

Each artist has a Spotify playlist with them, consisting of some of my favorite songs from them. Playlists average about 35 minutes (so that they don’t get out of hand).

1. Green Day – My favorite group, and the first ones I saw live (standing just five feet from the stage), from their early stuff (Smooth) thru their political points (including American Idiot) most of their albums and songs are classics…although I’d probably have “mistakenly dropped” the CDs for Uno, Dos, Tre in the ocean.

2 . Linkin Park – They’ve been great from the beginning (literally the first track of “Papercut” on Hybrid Theory)  with hits spread throughout their albums. True story: Sitting in the dentists chair, about to take the needle, and “In The End” starts playing on Pandora…how appropriate.

3. Kelly Clarkson – America’s first American Idol, she’s got a great variety of songs herself, from A Moment Like This to Piece by Piece), and her voice is great enough to do covers of many other songs.

4. Ellie Goulding – Personally I think she has one of the most pure vocals of any current artist, and she blasted onto the scene a few years ago. Most people know her best from “Anything Could Happen”, “Lights” and “Burn”.

5. U2 – They are among the GOATs, and I’ve had every song they’ve ever put out (even under a different name (I’m looking at you Passengers)), and while many have issues with their free album being shoved onto iOS, I’ll just accept more music from them.

I had to play by the rules, and only select five artists…otherwise artists such as Breaking Benjamin and Carrie Underwood would’ve extended this list.

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