Because, aviously…

I’ve been wanting to do general information posts for a long while, and those that know me know I am full of tons of useless information…and here comes the first one: Statues that contain horses.

Now most of this is rumor, and I haven’t found significant sources to back it, but the story goes like this (and is worthy of discussion):

When they make a statue of a soldier that died from battle wounds (such as the ones you see in parks), they place the soldier on a horse. As for how the horse is positioned is where things get interesting:

  • All four legs on the ground — The rider died not in battle
  • One leg in the air — Died from wounds sustained in battle
  • Two legs in the air — Died in battle

Now like I said, there is little proof to say that this is always true, but it is a great story to tell and share!

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