Because, aviously…

This past Sunday I went to the 2016 Home Opener for NYCFC at Yankee Stadium. The weather for the opener last year called for hand warmers, this time no jacket was needed when the game began.

2016 NYCFC Home Opener - Me

With 30,000+ people in the house, the place was rocking, and the New Yorker brashness was showing from the start.
It all started with NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio coming out at the beginning of the match, and the boos came raining down.

Before the match began, with wonderful Tifos from the Third Rail, showing the World Fair globe and David Villa running this city.

NYCFC 2016 Home Opener Tifo

David Villa opened up the scoring on a penalty kick:

David Villa Penalty Kick Goal

The Third Rail were really loud and unified, and the rest of the crowd was into it as well, as you can hear them chant the name after David Villa’s second goal:

Overall it was a great game, ending in a 2-2 draw, and if I have one complaint (and this goes back on New Yorkers) is that they just don’t sit down.
Showing up 20+ minutes late to the game, or even 20+ minutes after halftime (because they were waiting on their cheese fries), and wandering back and forth the whole game…it must be tough to sit in place for 45 minutes. Twice. If only they knew what they were getting into before purchasing tickets…

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