Desert Island – Video Games

Today’s “Desert Island” category will be Video Games. This has gotta be the best island ever, with it’s unlimited consoles and renewable energy powering everything…although my legs are starting to get tired from pedaling.

  1. Grand Theft Auto V — Really any from this series would work, but as each one has gotten better graphics and gameplay than the previous ones, the most recent one takes the cake…or the car.
  2. NHL 16 — The one sports game I can pick up new year after year, and never get tired of it. Especially as the computer AI has picked up its pace and made it harder for me to beat them. Not impossible. Just harder.
  3. Pokemon Silver — I chose this one for a few reasons. The series had started to get past some of the glitches of Red/Blue/Yellow, and we were still in a time period where the amount of Pokemon and types were manageable, still made sense, and you could figure out the type advantages. Also I kinda liked Lugia.
  4. Call of Duty: Black Ops — I chose this one from the franchise because the storyline was just that good. Written by one of the Batman Begins writers, the story was so deep, that playing the game a second time meant seeing it all in a whole new light.
  5. Super Mario Brothers — One of the classics, and could only get better by the addition of a “Save” feature in newer remakes.

Desert Island Video Games

5 responses to “Desert Island – Video Games

  1. All good choices, though I’d have replaced NHL with a racing game.

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