Because, aviously…

Yesterday I read an article, in which the writer blamed the news deliverer for bringing him bad news, before it had been confirmed.

I’ve discussed similarly in the past and I am going to focus on it again today.

People need to go to news sources they trust. If you can’t rely on a news source, or don’t fully trust them, then go somewhere else.
It’s like the people I see complaining all day that “Fox News isn’t fair and balanced”…….well, if you don’t like the news they are giving you, what’s forcing you to watch the channel?

And if you go to a news source that gives you bad information, or causes you to make bad decisions, why blame the news source?
You trusted them. You are at fault.

A classic example is weather. I trust certain websites/channels more than others to be correct on storm tracking and snow amounts.
Why do I trust these sources? Because they’ve been correct in the past and they use weather models that are more accurate (albeit less proven) than the popular sites use.

Another example, and a great one for holding accountability on yourself and not the source, is financial information.
If you listen to an analyst who tells you to buy a stock, and that stock tanks, you can’t always blame the analyst…unless they have a bad track record, including getting bought off by companies to promote their stocks.


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