Because, aviously…

When you buy an item, especially of value, it’s usually done on a credit card.

And what we often forget is that Credit Cards offer extended warranties.
Chase Freedom, 1 year. Citi Double Cash, 2 year. And I’m sure your cards have similar incentives.

But we never think about it nor take it advantage of it.

Recently my Moto 360 started acting up. Whenever it would have extended vibrations (phone calls, multiple notifications at once, etc.) it would shut off, and couldn’t be turned back on until placed on its dock.
And when it would start to recharge, it would pick up right from where it was before it died (if it had been at 81%, it would start from there, etc.).
So it wasn’t killing the battery completely, it was just shorting out.

Unfortunately it was 20 months after I had bought the device, and the Motorola warranty was for 12-months.
Something sparked in the back of my mind, reminding me that my Chase Visa Card extends warranties. So I called them up and told them my scenario, and they told me to send it in for an estimate.

Motorola reviewed it, and determined that it would cost $100 for repair, and Chase/Visa approved it.

Last week I got the Moto 360 back on my wrist, and the battery is as good as it was on Day 1.
I am getting full days (3AM-8PM) battery life, with more to spare if I needed it.

Thank you Chase and Visa for making it easy!

Photo cred: creditcard.com

Photo cred: creditcard.com

One thought on “Extended Warranties and Your Credit Card – @Chase

  1. I totally forget about the extended warranty perks of cards! Thanks.

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