Moto Surround Review

Moto Surround is one of Motorola’s BlueTooth headphones. The Surround ($55) are earbuds, while the Pulse ($30) is the old fashioned ear cushions.

With more phones heading towards no headphones jacks, I figured it was time to start trying bluetooth headphones.
If you aren’t familiar, more phones (such as the next iPhone and the Moto Z) are looking at a single USB-C port, to be used for charging or headphones. So you will need special USB-C headphones and won’t be able to charge while listening to music/watching movies.
Unless you go with Bluetooth.

The “base” sits comfortably around the neck, and the buds sit very nicely in the ears.

The Moto Surround, is easy to connect, on both Android and iOS. The music quality is really good, but sound quality takes a hit on phone calls.
The reason is that it feeds your microphone audio back into your ears, and you hear the background noise in real time and echoed in the buds.

This issue is likely a “bluetooth issue” and not a “Surround issue”, but now is when I discovered it.
When using them on Android, the device takes bluetooth audio delays into account and syncs it nicely, so the lip movement is in line.
But when using it on iOS (the latest version) my Hulu shows were off by 2+ seconds on lip flap, making it very hard to watch.

A decent bluetooth headphone, really great considering its price range, this pair of headphones gets a 7.5 out of 10.

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