Because, aviously…

There is a former Fine Fare Supermarket near my house, that had allocated to it 4 parking spots just for “No Standing, Trucks Unloading 7AM-7PM”.

But with the store closing 2+ years ago, these spaces, in a semi-commercial neighborhood, were going to waste.
Other stores in the neighborhood were using it for their deliveries, even though their stores had their own “No Standing” spaces…which they then just were using for their own store trucks.

So I wrote an email back in May to Keith Bray, Brooklyn’s Department of Transportation Borough Commissioner, asking them to reassess the situation, and try and get some of our parking spots back.

After a few months I got a response back on Monday:

The Brooklyn Borough Engineering Office completed a field investigation at the above location.  As a result, the signs were removed on July 11, 2016 at this location.

I went past the area yesterday and sure enough the spots have been turned into metered parking!

I’m sure the stores themselves are probably a little upset, but their trucks will just go back to doing what all trucks in New York City seem to do…double park; and the people trying to park in the area just gained four legal parking spots.

The way I see it, it’s a win for the drivers of Brooklyn, already struggling with parking spots.

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