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This discussion is about MasterChef Season 7, Episode 10 – The Weakest Links.


This week’s elimination came down to a violation of rules, and I think that the rule violation should have been handled differently.

Whenever they have elimination tests they usually need to complete their tasks by the end of the timer. This time they had to have it presented on the front table at the end of time.

Andrea, a 21-year-old super chef, froze in the final seconds and came in three seconds too late to the front table…but despite that the chef’s still tasted her dish, and in fact deemed it so good that they actually handed out pieces to the other contestants to taste as well, something very rarely done.

I think that her missing the timer should’ve been handled as if she didn’t present any dish to the judges, and not a straight-out elimination.

If you consider her as having not presented any dish, calling it “food not presented”, she would’ve lost points…consider if they are graded on a scale of 1-10, she’d have gotten a 1 for bringing no dish.
But Diamond would have gotten a 0.

One of the golden rules of any cooking show, and one that anyone who has watched any part of the 30+ seasons of Gordon Ramsay shows in the U.S. knows, you CAN NOT SERVE RAW CHICKEN.
Raw chicken is the cardinal sin of cooking.
And Diamond’s chicken-wurst was pink and completely unedible.

So while Andrea didn’t serve any dish, serving raw chicken (in my eyes) is even worse. I think anyone who has ever been served raw chicken would agree they’d rather have been served nothing.

I hope Andrea comes back in some sort of “redemption episode” later this season, with multiple eliminated chefs fighting for a fresh position…or tries out for another season, because that was some serious lost talent!

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