The Google Fruit Games Olympics

If you haven’t opened up the Google App on your phone in a few days (or the Google Now page for us Android users) and clicked the logo, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Google has launched the Google Olympics, with good old fruits and vegetables as the contestants.
You can also download it at

Here are a list of the events, followed by the high scores. If you score higher, send me a screenshot and I’ll add your name/score to the list!

  • Strawberry Dash – 23.2 seconds – iAmAviG
  • PineappleĀ Tennis – 41 shots – iAmAviG
  • Grape Hurdles – 32 hurdles – iAmAviG
  • Lemon Meet – 95 meters – iAmAviG
  • Berry Golf – 45 seconds – iAmAviG
  • Apple Polo – 21 goals – iAmAviG
  • Coconut BMX – 2953 – iAmAviG

Google Fruit Games Olympics

2 responses to “The Google Fruit Games Olympics

  1. Vanessa Bricknell

    Hi there,

    I beat your high score for tennis, not sure how to send you a screen shot though.


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