Because, aviously…

A regular part of this site, my song of the day posts. Strangely Summer 2016 has yet to have a “Song of the Summer”, but that doesn’t stop me from finding needles in a haystack.

What’s that? New Green Day album? Yes, please. Here’s the first single.

Bang Bang – Green Day

I want to be a celebrity martyr
The leading man in my own private drama
The hero of the hour
Daddy’s little psycho and Mommy’s little soldier

Recently discovered Lindsey Stirling due to her single to headline Pete’s Dragon, but while listening to her works, I came across this gem, with Lzzy Hale from Halestorm

Lindsey’s new album Brave Enough drops tomorrow, August 19th.

Shatter Me – Lindsey Stirling ft. Lzzy Hale

Somebody shine a light
I’m frozen by the fear in me
Somebody make me feel alive
And shatter me
So cut me from the line
Dizzy, spinning endlessly
Somebody make me feel alive
And shatter me

I Hate U, I Love U – Gnash ft. Olivia O’Brien

You ever wonder what we could have been?
You said you wouldn’t and you did
Lie to me, lie with me, get your fix
Now all my drinks and all my feelings are all mixed
Always missing people that I shouldn’t be missing

Once In A While – Timeflies

From Brooklyn to New York, then off to the West
In Cali, no Khaled, but fuck, we the best
My stripes, stay American, lemme express
And I keep it as live as a Total Request

But once in a while, I catch myself
Once in a while, I ask myself
What am I doing?
Once in a while, I need your help

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