Because, aviously…

T-Mobile has been famous for their “Uncarrier” moves, which was supposed to be their separation from the other carriers.

It started with “No Contracts” and “Upgrades as wanted”. It then expanded to Global plans and buying out ETFs.
But then they went crazy, really offering great deals, such as Music Freedom and Binge On, which allowed users to stream music/videos without counting against their data.

But on Thursday they unveiled “Un-carrier 12”, which got rid of Plans. Yup, no more choosing what level of data you want, instead you pay $70/month and get unlimited talk/text/data ($50/line 2, $20/lines 3-8).

If anything this is the opposite of everything they’ve stood for all this time.It was always about being freer with your options, but this means if you want to go to T-Mobile, you have 0 choices.

To quote them:

Other wireless carriers just can’t let go of their lame rules. They say that’s the way it is. We say, not cool.

I’ve been looking for months at standalone Tablet Plans, which for $35/month you got 6GB of data + the aforementioned unlimited BingeOn and Freedom…now it’s $70 for unlimited data.

I’ve spoken in the past about going with unlocked phones, and now it seems like the best option is to not lock yourself into any plans, and go where the best offers are, as you need them.

BTW, Sprint also changed their plans up yesterday, so keep your eye on that.

For now, I’m staying on Verizon, and if I really need the movie streaming, I won’t be buying a tablet (~$230) and signing up for a plan that I can start/cancel as needed for $70/month.
Instead,I’ll throw that $70 to Verizon and enjoy my extra 26GB of data.

T Mobile Logo

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