Because, aviously…

It has only taken me 6 years, but I have finally started to watch Homeland.

Unfortunately I discovered it last week, after a full summer of wondering what to watch, and a week or two before all my Fall Shows come back…so we will see how long it takes to finish that.

There are a lot of cable shows that I’ve never watched, but many of them I (think I) don’t have any interest in…either after starting the series (ex. Sopranos) or trying the books for them (ex. Game of Thrones).

But Homeland sat there on Hulu calling out to me, and I jumped in feet first…and two seasons in I’m glad I did.

From the outstanding acting of Claire Danes to seeing where people in some of my current shows came from (David Harewood (Supergirl) and Morena Baccarin (Gotham)), and finally seeing something with Mandy Patinkin in it (and he’s fantastic).

I’m hoping that the level of excellence keeps up.


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