Because, aviously…

When you look at the end of July, it seemed like fun baseball in New York City was almost out the door.

The Mets were being plagued with injuries, and the Yankees were in a “sell mode” sending off their best hitter and their star closer(s).
But then August happened. The Mets found a way to keep on chugging, and the Yankees promoted the “Baby Bombers” and the hits started coming.

So somehow we have come to September 15, and both teams are pushing for playoff spots.
The Yankees have 17 games left, are 2 games out of the Wild Card, and 4 games behind the Red Sox for the division…with a four-game series against them starting today. Granted Baltimore and Toronto are still in between as well, but the Yankees are hanging on.
Meanwhile the Mets have 16 games left, clinging to the second Wild Card spot, with no chance at the division (10 games behind the Nationals).

Another thing keeping it interesting, are the radio personalities of Hahn and Humpty, Alan Hahn and Rick DiPietro (who I’ve talked about before), and their “Tattoo Challange”.
One’s a Yankee fan, the other a Mets fan, and whichever team ends with the better record on the regular season, the other gets a tattoo of that team.
And this has made all listeners of the show keep a close eye on both teams.
For those wondering, the Yankees are currently 77-68, the Mets are 77-69.

Personally I think it would be incredible if the Yankees made the playoffs this year, after deeming it a “sell year”, and I couldn’t care if the Mets fall just short of the goal for the second straight year 😉

Yankees Mets Logos

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