Because, aviously…

After the bombing in Chelsea on Saturday night it seemed like most New Yorkers just didn’t care.

While there was chaos on 23rd street, people seemed intent on “what streets are closed”, “is my train still running” and “can I still get to my bar”?

I don’t know if it is people feeling safe, even amongst terror…or if people just don’t care that their lives are in danger.

People seem to be more focused on issues than safety…they’d rather be a good person then be secure in their own lifestyles….they’d rather march thru Times Square then run and hide in terror.

I guess it’s good that New Yorkers don’t cower….but to not show any signs of caring?

The lack of Facebook posts about the attacks, from Saturday night through Sunday midday, was just sad…especially when you compare it to the amount of selfies, food pics, and make-up-artist requests I see on a daily basis.

From the failed Times Square Bomber in Faisal Shahzad to the foiled attack of Muhammad Yusuf, we seemed more concerned then.
Sure, one lit a fuse that never went off, while the other planned to do horrible things…but Ahmad Khan Rahami actually detonated one device in NYC. Had another that failed to go off. And detonated two more in New Jersey.

Are we becoming too sensitized to terror in NY? Or simply too much a “don’t give a sh!t” nation?

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