Because, aviously…

Yes, this post was supposed to happen on Friday, BEFORE the Emmy Awards, but better late than never!
These are not who I think WILL win, but who I think SHOULD win.
I also will only do categories in which I’ve seen a few of the nominees…can’t judge on something I haven’t seen.


Lead Actor in a Drama – Bob Odenkirk <Better Call Saul> — Odenkirk was great in Season 2 of Better Call Saul, as well as liking Kyle Chandler <Bloodline> or Kevin Spacey <House of Cards>.

Lead Actress in a Drama – Claire Danes <Homeland> — New respect for her as I make my way thru Homeland.

Lead Actor in a Comedy – Jeffrey Tambor <Transparent> — The obvious choice for this one, but Aziz Ansari <Master of None> deserves some consideration as well.

Lead Actress in a Comedy – Ellie Kemper <The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt> — She has been fantastic in this series, and has really broken out in this role.

Comedy Series – Master of None — Aziz Ansari took this show to a surprising place. Kimmy Schmidt is my second choice.

Drama Series – Homeland — It may just be because I am binging at the moment, but Homeland has quickly surged up the list.

Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series – Andre Braugher <Brooklyn Nine-Nine> — His deadpan delivery is a great compliment to Andy Samberg.

Supporting Actor in a Drama Series – Ben Mendelsohn <Bloodline> — I’ve been preaching about Mendelsohn for a while, and he flies under the radar for the most part, but he elevates that show to a new level.

Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series – Gaby Hoffmann <Transparent> — She was the backbone of the story for Season 2.

Guest Actor in a Comedy Series – Bob Newhart <Big Bang Theory> — Professor Proton and Sheldon have some great scenes together.

Guest Actor in a Drama Series – Paul Sparks <House of Cards> — I think he is the backbone of this series, as the writer of the Underwood biography, especially since all the episodes are entitled “Chapter __”.

Guest Actress in a Comedy Series – Christine Baranski <The Big Bang Theory> — As Leonard’s mother she brings out the best in him.

Guest Actress in a Drama Series – Molly Parker <House of Cards> — It’s hard to fight Frank Underwood, but she’s certainly going to try…or die trying.

Character Voice-Over Performance – Seth MacFarlane <Family Guy> — Giggidy

Variety Talk Series – The Late Late Show With James Corden — Carpool Karaoke has put this show on the map.

Reality-competition Program – The Amazing Race — This show may be approaching Season 30, but it hasn’t taken its foot off the pedal.

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