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Jamestown Settlement and the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown are two corners of the American Historic Triangle in Virginia (Colonial Williamsburg is the third…but that’s for another day).

Let’s focus on Yorktown first:
The American Revolution Museum will take you through the history of the revolution, from events such as the Battle of Great Bridge to the Seige and Lafayette to the Declaration of Independence.

Liberty at Yorktown

Behind the museum is a little village where you can learn about the times, from the drafts (and how to avoid them (for just $300 you could get out of fighting)) to living a life of Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death.

House at Yorktown

You can also see how the doctors of the time did their work, ammunition was stored, and some of the herbs that were available for use in the late 1700s.

Yorktown Herbs

The Jamestown Settlement settlement is a much larger area, that consists of a museum, settlement, harbor, and fort.

Jamestown Signs

The first part you walk through, after the indoor museum, is a little settlement, complete with tents, troughs, and of course drying/flayed animal skins.

Jamestown Skins

After that you can walk into the harbor area, which includes three ships, mostly built in recent years, which show how soldiers of the day lived at sea, as well as the guns and artillery.

Jamestown Ships

Lastly you can walk through the Jamestown Fort, which has gun demonstrations every half hour (with the firing of a musket), houses and armories, as well as actual vegetable gardens and live chickens strutting around.

Jamestown Chicken

The costs are cheaper if you buy both of these locations together (which can be purchased online in advance or at the door) and at the door you can use a AAA discount.

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