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Colonial Williamsburg. home of the old school Americans, living life as if it was still the 1700s. From baking bricks to crafting iron and riding in horse and buggy and having no electricity.

Colonial Williamsburg Visitor Center

Lots of old buildings, which are running off natural light and fireplaces, leading to early closures in the winter…or else you just can’t see anything.
Despite this, the museums are open later all year round, due to new technology: electricity.

Colonial Williamsburg Court House

There are plenty of things to see and do on the grounds, and some of the exhibits alternate days/hours so that they have enough people to staff it all (although this may have just been a result of a November visit).
As such they give out daily maps which show what is open and when.

Outside the town is the Great Hopes Plantation, with tobacco sheds, gardens and lots of building/expanding going on as well.

Great Hopes Plantation

The thing I found most interesting was the baking of bricks, and how they build up a house, with brick/clay outsides and full of raw bricks. They then feed the six tunnels with 12 fires (from both sides) and let it burn, stoking it for about a week. At that time they take apart the building and see how the burn went. The better baked, the redder the brick are.

img_20161115_095806505 img_20161115_100113450

But while it is a great experience for children, I feel that an educated adult will be mostly bored exploring the 173 acres of land.
As someone with a knowledge of the time period, and having explored older locations in the past (whether through ancient forts, multiple ship sites, or just museums), I felt that taking hour-long tours of these buildings and wandering town was somewhat of a bore.
I can at least now say I’ve done it…but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to others as a place to visit.

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