Because, aviously…

Fresh out of the gate, La La Land let’s know it’s an old-school musical, and in that time period you’ll almost instantly know if you’ll like the movie or hate it.

The movie overall is…strange….the storyline is as basic Hollywood as you can get: Girl likes guy. Guy acts like @$$hole. Girl likes him anyways. He keeps putting her down. She wears him down. They fall in love.

No Jamaal, you be trippin’.

But then there is the musical aspect of the movie. While there is no standout song that you’ll be singing over and over, the soundtrack is enjoyable and the title track is catchy, leaving the notes stuck in your head.

But where it all really stands out is in the acting of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Their characters show a wide range of emotions and talents throughout the film, from acting to singing to dancing, pushing them to their full potential and with it the understanding of why they won Golden Globes this weekend.


The movie will also bring a fresh new interest to jazz, and may make some people enjoy it more than just in the elevator or while you slurp your soup.

I think this movie would also work wonderfully, and maybe even better, as a Broadway show.

If you had to pick one of this year’s big winners to watch, this may be the one to go with, and gets a 7.5 out of 10.

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