Because, aviously…

After the shooting at Fort Lauderdale airport on Friday, the focus of many people was on the wrong thing.

He took the gun out of his luggage and loaded it in the bathroom before returning to the baggage claim.

The fact that the gun was in his luggage was inconsequential. People need ways to transport personal property across the country, whether it’s a pet, a pair of slacks or a gun.
They aren’t allowed onto the flights in carry-on, but packed away in your suitcase, stored under the plane, there’s nothing wrong with that.

There is no difference between the fact that he had just gotten off a plane and someone who wanders into baggage claim.
Most airports have lax security in that area, as family and taxi drivers wander in to help arrivals with their luggage.

Maybe the solution is to add security measures to that area as well? Not necessarily needing a boarding pass, but passing through a security area when entering the airport.
Department of Defense has worked in the past, along with the NYPD, on long-range gun detection devices, that’d alert security personnel to incoming threats.
Throw those at the entryways/walkways leading up to the airports and you secure it just a little more.

But there is no difference between the fact that this happened in an airport or if it had happened in the Grand Canyon or Nashville or any other populated area.

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