Because, aviously…

For years I’ve gotten a new phone every year. Sometimes it was because the batteries didn’t last, sometimes the phones couldn’t handle new operating systems and other times it was simply to upgrade technology.

2011: HTC Incredible
2012: Moto Droid Razr HD
2013: Moto X
2014: Moto X 2nd Gen
2015: Moto X Pure
2016: ______

There just wasn’t any phone out there in 2016 that was worth upgrading to from the Moto X Pure, which has also been providing me with standard battery life, the same as Day 1.

For starters, phone prices went up. Whereas the Moto X’s ranged from $400-$500 the new Moto Z’s and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge were pushing closer to $800.
But if we go with the idea that “it’s worth the price”, what individual features are making me splurge on a new phone?

New camera? My phone sports a 21mp camera…theS7 Edge has 12mp, and the Z has the same 21.
Fingerprint scanners? Maybe. It’s a cool security feature.
Marshmallow vs. Nougat? Not a huge variety of features that warrant the change.

Battery life is the one big change, as upgrading from 3000mAh to 3500+ would be a nice advantage.
And strangely they’ve started to reduce screen sizes on newer phones, which reduces battery strain, making the extra mAh even more useful and long lasting.

But please, someone, convince me to change phones. Meanwhile, I’ll keep waiting to see what 2017 brings.

Moto X Pure

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