Because, aviously…

Super Bowl LI will be played this Sunday in Houston, Texas between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons.

The Patriots are being led by four-time Champion (and three-time Super Bowl MVP) Tom Brady and the mastermind coach of Bill Belichick.
It doesn’t seem to matter what receivers/running backs are placed with that duo, they still make it happen.
The talent level of those two is so high, they make everyone around them look superb…when most of them aren’t. This has been proven time and again as mediocre players on other teams have joined the Pats and been elevated…or when a player who was great on the Pats moves to another team and now seems to underperform.

On the other side is Matt Ryan (otherwise known as ‘Matty Ice’), who took the job over from the extremely popular Michael Vick in 2008, and has struggled to get the city behind him.
A city that has had a team for 51 years, and only had one failed Super Bowl appearance before, closed out their 24-year-old Georgia Dome with an NFC Championship title, is looking for a little hope and glory on Sunday.
They will be moving next year into the Mercedez-Benz Stadium, and debuting their fantastically new food pricing plan.

I want the Falcons to win, but I fully believe the Patriots will walk away with it. If the Patriots win, the final score will be 35-21….if the Falcons win, it’ll be by a score of 31-28.


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