Because, aviously…

Looking around NYC just about every car has something in common: They have an E-Z Pass tag stuck to the windshield.

The NorthEast part of North America, including 16 States and Ontario, Canada, have E-Z Pass for their toll collection system.
For those unfamiliar, you just drive through the toll booth, and the scanners read your Pass ID and takes the money off your account.

But is it time to get rid of clunky E-Z Pass in your windshield, and have a Nationwide electronic tag added to every vehicle?

Sure I know some people that refuse E-Z Pass as they don’t like being tracked…but tracking is the way of the future, as autonomous cars come to popularity, and as more states start moving away from the gas taxes.

With cars having identifiers of some sort in them, toll booths would become a thing of the past as scanners take their place.

The government would also like this because it’d help stop “toll hoppers” who cover parts of their license plates so the plate readers (which send you bills by mail if you don’t have E-Z Pass) can’t properly identify them, and it would allow police officers to quickly scan a car and have ticket info fill itself in, resulting in fewer tickets thrown out for “misinformation”.

Separately I think there should be some sort of chip in drivers licenses, and a slot in the car where a driver identifies himself by inserting the card…this would stop drivers with expired licenses from getting behind the wheel, and again for cops to easily ID drivers…but all this is for a different thought process…

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