Because, aviously…

During Sunday’s Daytona 500 I had to step away from the TV for a bit, so I decided to download and use the NASCAR mobile app…and I wasn’t disappointed.

The app is loaded with all sorts of cool features including:

  • Race Call – You can listen to the play-by-play and color commentary from NASCAR radio. I can’t even begin to understand how it works.
    Think about your regular NHL/NBA/NFL/MLB broadcast, where two or three people are standing side-by-side and pass along conversation back and forth.
    Here, it is multiple people in different locations around the track giving play-by-play of 40+ different teams at once, and handing off flawlessly, without using names on air (“tossing to one another”).
    It was truly something great to hear, and I plan to tune in again, possibly while watching the TV broadcast (although listening to Jeff Gordon give commentary is fantastic).
  • Car Audio – Tune in to any cars audio and hear the conversation between the crew and driver.
  • Sky Cam/Battle Cam – See the overall view from the race track, or the switched feed of racers battling for key positions.
  • Driver Cams – Certain drivers are highlighted and you can easily switch between their in-car cams.
  • “Crew Chief Mode” – This is the inside view of car specifics. You can see as the driver applies pressure to the throttle/break, their fastest speed/laps, as well as their current position.


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