Because, aviously…

Tuesday night, with a big thanks to EW, I went to Madison Square Garden to watch the Rangers, as they got thrashed by the Washington Capitals.

My seats were just a few rows behind the Rangers protected goal (for two periods) and it gave a great view of the game, watching Henrik Lundqvist make amazing saves, and as superstar Alex Ovechkin separated Jesper Fast’s shoulder.

Lundqvist - Rangers vs Capitals 2-28-17 Ovechkin - Rangers vs Capitals 2-28-17

The best part of any Rangers game is when they score, and although this goal was later overturned, it was great to be in the thick of it for the post-goal song/chant!

<Be sure to click HD for the best quality!!!>

With my crazy early work hours, it is tough for me to get out to night-time sporting events, so I enjoyed it even more, both being able to watch a full Rangers game and for being able to be there for it.

It’s been 20+ years since this team has had a decent PowerPlay, and it showed as the team struggled to set up in the zone time after time.
On the flip side, the Caps were able to park themselves in the zone and set up numerous shooting attempts on the Rangers Penalty Kill.
Besides for that, the team was literally falling all over the ice, and the injuries plaguing the team may keep them from making a Cup run this year.

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