Because, aviously…

Let’s be clear: While I follow almost all sports, I honestly don’t understand how people follow college sports.
Unless you went to the school, how do you ‘root for a team’?
You certainly aren’t rooting for the players, who change every year or two…the only thing that people can root for is a coach/system that you want to get behind and hope they succeed.

With all that said and done, today is the start of March Madness…and I’ve entered into a variety of tournaments…all of which are based on pure luck and hopefulness because I have no idea what I’m doing.

I am in three brackets, two Pick 8’s, and two survivor pools. So for those interested in this sort of stuff, here is who I have for the big moments.

– Bracket 1: Duke, Arizona, Louisville, UNC
– Bracket 2: Villanova, Gonzaga, Louisville, UNC
– Bracket 3: Villanova, Gonzaga, Kansas, Kentucky

~~For every round they advance you get the points equal to their seed~~
– Set 1: Notre Dame (5), Cincinnati (6), Maryland (6), SMU (6), Miami (8), Wichita State (10), Rhode Island (11), NC Wilmington (12)
– Set 2: SMU (6), Dayton (7), Seton Hall (9), Vanderbilt (9), Marquette (10), Kansas State (11), Middle Tennessee State (12), New Mexico State (14)

~~While sharing my survivor picks now would be futile, as they will update on an almost daily basis, here is who I’m starting out round one with~~
– Set 1: #4 West Virginia, #4 Purdue, #3 Baylor, #3 Oregon, #3 UCLA
– Set 2: #4 Florida, #5 Notre Dame, #6 Cincinnati, #6 Creighton, #5 Iowa State

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