Because, aviously…

Remember those days when it would snow one to two feet, and the city would shut down for a day or two, yet when it reopened cars could drive around and people could cross streets.

Yet this week it snowed a whopping 7.6″ in Central Park, and the city shut down the subways for a day, yet through it all…nothing got done.

Legally, New Yorkers had four hours to clean their sidewalks once the storm wrapped up on Tuesday…yet yesterday morning, 36+ hours after the storm finished, walking in Times Square included crosswalks with piles 2 1/2 feet high impeding safe crossing.

Meanwhile, driving into work this morning, 60+ hours after the storm finished, 6th Avenue was a snow nightmare in the West 40s, with mounds and slush everywhere…but don’t worry, there were plenty of bulldozers and dump trucks around the area this morning, all focused one Avenue over on the St Paddy’s Day Parade route.

Mayor De Blasio needs to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it…unless of course he thinks that the city did a fantastic job, in which case he may be delusional…

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