Because, aviously…

I’ve recently been testing a sleep tracker, Sleep As Android, in an effort to see what I can do differently to get a full restful night’s sleep.

The app is obviously available on Android and comes with a free two-week trial (and afterward is a one-time fee of $3.99) which includes a few solid features, including:

  • Sleep Cycle Tracking – Shows you a graph of your sleeping period, from “Awake” to “Rem” and “Deep Sleep”
  • Smart Wake Up – This will set an alarm for you, within a half hour period, and will pick the ideal time in your sleep cycle to wake you up…personally this doesn’t work for me most days, but on a weekend, this could be ideal.
  • Lullabies – I find things like this to be counterproductive (as random thunderclaps wake me up), but they have a variety of sounds to help people get to sleep <Including white noise, oceans, and storms>.
  • Alarm Clocks – These alarm clocks include smart locks to ensure that you can’t just roll over and turn them off, including QR codes, and math problems.
  • Sleep Recording – Records noises throughout the night, including snores, room noises, and anything else that might jar you awake throughout the night.
  • Smartwatch compatibility

One of the things I like best is that while it has smart watch compatibility, it is not necessary to wear one.
Personally, I can’t wear things on my wrists when I am trying to sleep, so the app allows you to just have the phone nearby on your bed to track all these movements.

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