Because, aviously…

About a year ago I figured out why Waze didn’t work well for me, but like a glutton for punishment, I always try things again to see what else can go wrong.
And Waze didn’t fail me.

For starters, signing in without Facebook was more of a hassle than it needed to be (and the amount of apps that require Facebook activation these days is ridiculous, but that’s another story), but thankfully I’ve gotten Google SmartLock straightened out for the next adventure.

For a map app, they are pretty bad at giving directions…not offering the shortest or fastest routes. This is proven by actually driving (the same routes I took every day) and was originally given to me by Google Maps, and getting there ahead of their “estimated time of arrival” on the original route.
Now some may argue that “the time changes as you drive”…and I’ll argue with: Google Maps is spot on 95%+ of the time on their initial “arrival time” guesstimation.

On that note, even though they are owned by the same company now, the maps from Waze are super clunky, they don’t look good, and aren’t ideal to look at while driving.
They don’t make it easy to see your future route and are insanely difficult to plan “alternate routes” on, especially since they don’t relay other times to you in the same ways that Google Maps does.

Lastly, they are a major drain on data plans. In three days of standard usage it drained through 50% of the data that Google Maps did in 21 days of usage last month…at that rate it would use 350% of the data that I would use for a normal useful mapping system.

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