Because, aviously…

I can tell you with almost certainty that four weeks from today, on July 5th 2017, something big is going to happen with the New York Yankees.

I can’t tell you if it’ll be for good or for bad….but it will happen.

And here’s where I got that scoop from: I have tickets to go to the game on July 5th, and you want to know what happens when I go to a game? Well here are some samples of memories that I’ve thankfully experienced:

    • August 26, 1998 vs Anaheim – Homer Bush hit his only home run as a Yankee
    • May 6, 2007 vs Seattle – We roared as a crowd as Roger Clemens showed up and announced his comeback.
    • June 5, 2008 vs Toronto – The Yankees were down two runs with 2-outs in the ninth.
      A hit by A-Rod, an RBI single by Matsui, and then an absolute bullet of a walk-off by Jason Giambi.
      I was sitting on the third base line, aside home plate, lined up with the first base line and foul-pole…I’ve never seen a ball hit that hard, and that straight, and it soared straight over the foul pole for a beauty.
    • June 13, 2011 vs Cleveland – Derek Jeter was seven hits away from 3,000, and I had this crazy idea that he would go 7-for-7 and reach it that night.
      Instead, he got one hit in the first before leaving with an injury in the fifth inning…sorry Yankees fans, that delay was my fault.

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