Because, aviously…

I booked a flight for late October using Delta Airlines, flying direct roundtrip from JFK to San Diego.
All was well and good until this weekend Delta decided to “change my itinerary”.

Previous flight – SAN (9:40PM) –> JFK (6:02AM)
New flight – SAN (8:05PM) –> LAX (9:07PM)…LAX (10:45PM) –> JFK (7:10AM)

There are three things that this changed, each one annoying in their own way.

  1. For starters, it’s no longer a direct flight. I just don’t like the constant taking off/landing (who does), and looked hard for a direct flight.
  2. The flight now takes off 95 minutes earlier and lands over an hour later.
    Any plans I had for the day gets cut down by two hours.
  3. Meal service is on flights departing 6AM-10PM. The original flight fit into that by 20 minutes.
    The new flight leaves the original destination before 10PM, but the real (cross-country) flight leaves too late to qualify, despite being on board an hour later in the morning.

So with all this in hand, I went back to Delta and canceled my flight, booking an almost similar flight on JetBlue, leaving once again in the 9PM hour from San Diego heading across the country.

UPDATE: I emailed Delta on Saturday night about the change…they replied back to me Friday morning, almost six days later. Does that sound acceptable?

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