Because, aviously…

I’ve never seen anything like it. New York Yankees rookie Aaron Judge is 6’7″, 280+ pounds, and just a beast of a player.

I went to a game last week and after talking to a few super-fans, we were unable to find a player in the last 20-years that created the buzz in Yankee Stadium, day in, day out, that Judge does.
Sure, when Jeter was heading for 3,000 the fans were excited.
But everyone’s in Stadium experience is all about the Judge. People don’t take bathroom breaks if he’s due up that inning. People are on their feet, cameras in hand, waiting with baited breath on every single one of his at-bats, regardless the score of the game, and if players are on-base.

And the reason is quite simple: He makes the game look so simple.
His swing is pure, and he can easily put the ball out to left-, right-, or center-field.

Here was his 29th home run last week, which tied Joe DiMaggio for most in a season by a Yankee rookie…and it was still a week before the All-Star game (he has 30 by the break):

(blow that up to full screen and enjoy my shoddy camera work)

Last night at the Home Run Derby he made a spectacle out of it, just launching moonshots, one of which wasn’t counted as a homerun because it hit the ceiling on its long arc and fell back into fair play.
But here was his 513′ shot, the longest of the night, absolutely crushed.

In history, there have been only 11 players who are 6’6″ or taller who had 1,000+ At Bats, and barring any career injuries, Judge is going to be in an elite class with players like Frank Howard and Dave Winfield.

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