Because, aviously…

One of the more popular posts from my trips is the cost of it, as it allows people to see what a similar vacation would cost them, should they take it.

San Diego was the first trip that I went by plane, so the prices are more volatile, and I’ll say it not based on what I paid, but rather what I saw and observed.
Obviously, you may find things at a much lower or higher rate…


I flew directly from JFK –> SAN, on JetBlue.
Delta airlines had similar flights for $470, but after a bad experience with them, I turned to JetBlue, which I had a great experience on, had flights as low as $408 six-weeks away from my travel date.


Country Inn and Suites, booked a few months in advance (although prices stayed fairly flat) was $127/night.
I always look at Country Inn first, as their amenities outweigh all their competitors.
Free WiFi, free parking, and free breakfast, which when you price out can add upwards of $20 a day to your bill at other hotels.

Car Rental

Hertz. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it to anyone that asks, when you book Hertz with AAA you will save enough money to pay for AAA and still have savings.
I paid about $200 for a weeks rental of a Midsize SUV.


The San Diego Go Card, regularly $279, was found at a discount for $240 and got me into just about every tourist site in the city.

But regardless what the costs of a vacation are, the end result is: Did you have a good time?
And if you did, then it is all worth it! And taking pictures with a dolphin? Priceless.

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