Because, aviously…

I’ve been having an issue with my Google Photos. Here is my POST on the Google Product Forums, and if anyone here has any ideas, they’d be appreciated!

When uploading videos (from the Mobile app or from a desktop) to Google Photos it uploads at 360P and doesn’t allow for them to be downloaded.
The videos definitely are 1080P and not corrupt (the files view fine on PC or Mobile and upload fine to other locations (OneDrive, etc.)).
I have tried downloading via other methods and the videos won’t download then either:
  • Batch/zip download from Google Photos it comes up “This site can’t be reached”.
  • Via Takeout it’ll download all photos and no videos (as if they don’t even exist).
  • On mobile Photos App, you get the message “Trouble downloading video try again in a few minutes.”
Even though this is happening on all methods that I try uploading here are some other facts that may be asked:
  • I am running Android on my phone
  • My phone is up to date (both Operating System and the Photos App)
  • I have tried videos recorded on different devices
  • I have reinstalled the app on my phone
  • Videos were uploaded 24+ hours ago
  • This is happening to all videos I upload, regardless of size/length

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